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Port Antonio Hilite

Even though it is a quiet and beautiful haven, Port Antonio isn't only visited for its charm. If you've got an eye for arts and crafts, and all the jewels Jamaica has to offer, come and explore the city. Arguably the most exhilarating, fun and spectacular scenic part of our island. There are many stops to be made and many places to see in Port Antonio while travelling through the town. Our final stop on this tour takes us to the famous Winnifred Beach for a lively mix of foreigners and locals. The perfect way to end a perfect day out. 

Things For You To Know

  • Pickup available from all hotels.

  • Mayfield Falls is an hour and twenty minute car ride from Negril.

  • Mayfield Falls is a two hour car ride from Montego Bay.

  • Mayfield Falls is a three hour car ride from Ocho Rios.

  • Duration of climb: 45 Minutes.

  • Mayfield Falls is open seven days a week.

  • Tour includes private transportation, admission, lunch and a complimentary collection of high-res photos!


From Montego Bay: 

US $280.00 1-4 persons

(US$50 per additonal persons)


From Negril:

US $330.00  1-4  persons

(US $50.00 per additonal persons)



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