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Don't Just Visit Jamaica.

Experience it!

Discount on Jamaican Excursions


If you are visiting Jamaica, Finesse Vacations Jamaica is the premiere choice for Island excursions. With the choice of all-inclusive packages, as our Guest, you are provided with round-trip transportation, admission into the venue, drink specials and tour guides to ensure your safety and enjoyment! We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction with finesse. Professionalism, safety and the amusement of our guests are our highest priorities and what we cater to the most. 

Finesse Vacations Jamaica
All Tours

It's our pleasure to share our Island Paradise with you.  When you choose Finesse Vacations, you are more than our customer or guest, you are family. Come enjoy Jamaica with us, we have something for everyone in the family, there's so much that your second home here has to offer! We want to make sure you don't just visit Jamaica but that you can go back home and say that you have truly EXPERIENCED the island. 

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Nightlife Adventures



When the sun goes down the Island lights come alive. Nightclubs, seasides, concert halls, restaurants and bars buzz with excitement nightly. Every night is like a Friday night with our Locals. Jamaicans are world famous partyers and ravers, we have a reputation of partying loud and late perfect for you if dancing into the wee hours of morning is your forte. Come enjoy the NIGHTSKY with us.

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Culture & History



Our Island home is rich with history and cultural legacy which has been shaped over the centuries.  Here at Finesse Vacations we will take the time to introduce you to some of the key legacies that makes Jamaica so unique. Our people are vibrant and our lives are colorful, we want to share this with you to ensure that you can not only say that you have visited Jamaica but also that you EXPERIENCED Jamaica. 

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Popular Stops 
With so many things to do in Jamaica, where do you begin? We can help with that. Our Island boasts some of the world's most amazing natural attractions. Jamaica in itself is a popular vacation destination but there are certain attractions on the island that are must-sees for most of our visitors. Whether it be climibing the renowned Dunn's River Falls or taking "Swim with Dolphins" off your bucketlist.
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Jamaican Foodie



The uniqueness and diversity of Jamaican cuisine will surprise you. Whether you are looking for a classy setting or casual roadside dining, we know the best places to have a belly full. Whatever you are in the mood for seafood, Jerk, Vegetarian or good old-fashioned brick oven baked goods, we know just the place. Enjoying an authentic Jamaican meal must undoubtedly be on your list of things to do before leaving  Jamaica. 

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For the Family



Your sense of adventure doesn’t disappear just because you are travelling with the kids or grandma and grandpa. Don't limit your family holidays to the usual suspects. We are happy to  recommend great locations right here in Jamaica that the entire Family will enjoy.  Make your family vacation memorable for all the right reasons.

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Eco Tours


Did you know that Jamaica is one of the Caribbean's top eco-tourism destinations? This Island is a nature lover's dream. Escape the normal Jamaican tourist trails and step off the hotel property to find and explore our lush countrysides, hiking trails, secluded beaches, stunning waterfalls and many more hidden gems. With our recommendations for Eco-stops we promise you a travel with a difference.  

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CountrySide Tours



There is so much more to Jamaica than just sun, sea and beach chair. Let us take you to the unbeaten and unspoiled countrysides to introduce you to an authentic Jamaican experience. Exiting the "beaten path" does not have to be intimidating. Come with us through the winding roads, steep slopes, gentle riversides and rolling plains to truly see that this is GOD'S COUNTRY.

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Need a lift from the Airport to your hotel and back again? We offer relaiable and low costs roundtrip  transfers to your destination in comfort.  You can choose to either travel privately or within a group. Either way, you are ensured peace of mind in reaching your stop safely. With our Airport Meet and Greet services, we make sure that your first impression of Jamaican hospitatily is as great as the rest of your trip will be. 

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